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Welcome to Water Management

What is Water Management?


Water Management is a new website dedicated to water conservation and management in the Texas High Plains. It has been established to provide management programs and application tools for irrigation scheduling and water management information. This website is maintained and operated by the Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Service and supported in part by the USDA-ARS and the Ogallala Aquifer Program.

The Water Management website provides educational information and online tools to assist the public, producers, consultants, and researchers with irrigation scheduling and water management in the Texas High Plains. These tools include an irrigation scheduler to assist producers to manage irrigation applications and timing on individual farms/fields. A user can create a personalized profile to obtain detailed information to their specific operation. Parameters can be entered to create a customized irrigation scheduler to assist with production.


The Texas High Plains is the most intensively irrigated region in the state. Relying largely on the Ogallala Aquifer for this water, it is important to utilize the best management practices available to ensure the continuing availability of this resource.

Irrigation scheduling is economically beneficial to producers as it helps better manage the available water and increase water use efficiency while reducing pumping costs. Applying only the amount of water needed for a particular crop can reduce inputs without sacrificing production. In addition, over application of water can potentially limit crop root growth and reduce yield.

Water Management tools available on this website are useful to everyone who uses water on a daily basis for a variety of purposes. This website is also devoted to providing educational information to the general public.

Organization and Operation

The Water Management website is run in a collaboration between engineers and scientists of the Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Service in Amarillo, TX and Lubbock, TX. The site depends upon agricultural research and extension personnel to provide the best estimates of water use for reference and crops grown within the region. The website is maintained and supported internally by the Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Service. This information is made available principally for agricultural irrigation scheduling purposes. However, many other applications and user groups have utilized the data.

Data Users

Data on this site are currently utilized by a variety of clientele for many uses. Our primary purpose is to provide irrigation scheduling tools and information for use in agricultural irrigation management and other associated agricultural applications. Agricultural researchers, producers, and agricultural business consultants and service providers constitute the largest group(s) of the user clientele. Progressively over time, additional data features and applications will be added, greatly expanding our clientele base.